TIG Welder Hire / Cigweld 170HF


The CIGWELD WeldSkill 170HF Inverter is the latest addition to the WeldSkill inverter range. It is a 240 Volt, single phase welding machine with increased output and duty cycles for more demanding applications.

The unit features a HF-start function excellent DC TIG performance. With superior arc characteristics on a range of welding electrodes from 2.0mm up to 4.0mm diameter, this is an ideal machine for small to medium welding products.

Power range: 5-170 amps
Process: DC TIG, DC MMA (stick)

We have various auxillary equipment supply options available. We will customise your unit(s) to suit your requirements during booking.

An E size BOC Argon gas bottle is included in the hire. Your consumables (rods/ tungstens/torch parts etc) are charged by the amount used at the end of hire. You can opt to use your own consumables if you prefer.

This hire is only available for qualified welders, professional metalworkers or people who have completed nationally recognised welding training and are competent welders.

We do not provide personal equipment as there are health limitations for equipment that is worn on the body. However, most tradespeople will have their own equipment.

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Welder / torch / earth wire and clamp / list consumables and weights or volume / list all other parts given / 1x E-size argon bottle / customer provides own PPE