Portable Partition Hire 1.8m x 1.8m / Room Divider / Portable Walls


Our partitions can be used to create a visual and physical barrier to tidy up your space. 

They are regularly used to create catering rooms, change rooms, green rooms, walkways, block off service areas, privacy screening and many more uses.

Our stylish partitions are commercial quality steel and grey vinyl units that are heavyweight and measure 1800mm x 1800mm. They interlock for extra stability and to create an even gap between the panels.

For outdoor use, you must add concrete weights to your booking for extra safety in the wind (selectable in the options below). We provide one weight per panel and they are placed alternating one in front and one behind (each weight covers 2x feet at the ends). It is the hirer's responsibility to remove these in high wind to prevent injury and damage.

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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partition, check if weights added - number amount used when packing, 450/55 // setup note: 1x weight covers 2x feet, weights are placed alternating, one covering 2x front feet, next weight behind covering 2x back feet etc.