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3000w Floor Sub Subwoofer Hire 18" - Active

$155.00 price as configured

Our Behringer 18" subwoofers are huge and pack a massive punch. They will work either in tandem with our 1000w Behringer Eurolive speakers for extra deep bass or they can be used with other speakers and systems easily.

Our B1800XP units supply high-quality deep bass sound and are very easy to operate. They use XLR plug inputs and outputs, we will supply cables and adapters with your hire (if required) to suit your requirements.

These can be linked together to create a larger system if required, you can choose how many woofers you need in the quantity box below.

Woofer features:
• 1x 18" TURBOSOUND LF woofer
• Class D built-in amplifier
• Tunable bass boost and crossover frequency
• Phase switch
• Power, signal and clip LED's
• 2x XLR inputs and 2x XLR outputs
• 45-150hz frequency response
• 128 peak SPL
• Size = 704x549x554mm
• Weight 45kg

Equipment care & safety guide

Subwoofer, power lead, XLR link cables (list how many), extra connection cables (list cables if taken) 2000/40