XL 2m Bain Marie Hire - 12x 1/2 GN Trays


Our extra large double row 2m display bain marie's are the highest quality Roband e26 units and can be run wet or dry.

They are the number one choice for commercial use and will be perfect for your next event. Our e26's have been factory upgraded to front sliding glass units with locks for extra functionality.

They come standard with 6x half GN trays & 3x full GN trays but we can also configure them to have any configuration of 1/1GN, 1/2GN and 1/3GN trays you require. Let us know in the hire notes section below.

• Enhances food presentation whilst keeping food at a correct serving temperature
• Overhead heat lamps and illumination
• Full set of pans and lids included (we can customise sizes for your needs)
• Huge 49.6 litre capacity using 12x 65mm 1/2 GN trays (slightly more with 1/1 GN trays)
• Stainless steel construction with tubular frame
• Energy regulator control
• Wet or dry operation
• Thermometer
• Safety lock ball valve drain
• Removable cross bars
• Streamlined for easy cleaning
• 3450-watt high output
• 2005mm x 615mm x 675mm size
• Weight - 63kg

Please note you will need a 15 amp power outlet for these units. We also have 15 amp extension leads available to suit these units.

We have lots of different size & shape bain marie models and serving utensils available for hire, check them out in our Food & Catering Equipment category.

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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