Chainsaw Hire 20 Inch - Lincoln 56cc


Lincoln PRO Chainsaws are the top choice for all saw cutting applications, for everyone who wants a little more power and user comfort when harvesting and sawing wood. With a controlled delivery oil pump, Lincoln PRO chainsaws are easy-to-manage, high-torque products that provide reliability and power where you need it most.

• Easy start rope provides easy pulling and quicker starting to help reduce resistance by up to 30%
• Front hand guard is designed to reduce the risk of injury and improve overall safety
• Dual action chain braking device. The right-hand protection and chain provides a safer experience
• Fuel and oil caps require no tools to open or tighten
• Soft grip handle has been ergonomically designed with your comfort in mind
• Starting handle is designed to provide comfort and max grip
• Anti-vibration, absorbing shock and reducing operator fatigue

• Max cutting diameter: 20" (50cm)
• Displacement: 56cc
• Rated power output: 2.4W/3.2HP
• Idling speed: 3200rpm
• Two stroke oil/petrol ratio: 1:25
• Fuel tank capacity: 550ml
• Bar oil capacity: 260ml
• Weight (w/o bar/chain) 5.2kg
• Case primer bulb
Included in the hire is a full 5-litre fuel can (2-stroke), approved chainsaw helmet (helmet/visor/ear protection), extra bar oil, extra 2-stroke oil (to make your own extra mix if required) and two sharpened chains.
All hirers must be competent in chainsaw operation, must have undertaken formal training and must understand and adhere to Australian chainsaw safety standards.
Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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chainsaw, bar cover, spark plug tool/bar removal spanner, jerry can, 400ml 2-stroke oil, 1L bar & chain oil, chainsaw helmet, spare chain, earplugs x10, safety glasses / 400/10/25/100/20 ///// BOTH CHAINS AND ALL BOTTLES AND EQUIPMENT TO BE RETURNED. McHugh Hire send equipment to the workshop after each return for sharpening and safety inspection.

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