65" LED Smart TV Hire - 4k UHD Television / Display Panel


Perfect for sporting event parties, professional presentations, exhibitions, movies, games and anywhere you need a large crisp display.

Hire includes: UHD TV and remote. Please see below options if you would like a powered digital TV antenna.

3840x2160 4k 100hz LED Smart TV. 3D. Slim design. Screen size is 1465mm (w) x 910mm (h). 23kg weight. Ultra-wide viewing angle, quad-core processors, Android 4.4.4 platform, built-in media player (USB input), web browser, WIFI.

Video inputs & outputs: HDMI x3 (HDMI & 4k UHD inputs), VGA, Composite AV, Lan Port, USB x2, audio 3.5mm in, optical output (we have analog converters if you require them), HD digital tv tuner, WIFI, component, quad-core processor, direct wireless streaming from most devices and heaps more great features.

Must be transported standing up, wrapped and secured against a flat surface.

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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65" tv, remote, power lead, antenna (if hired), antenna power supply (if hired), RF coax cables (if supplied), DAC converter (if required) PACKING NOTE: DAC MUST BE PACKED IF ANALOG OUTPUT IS REQUIRED (for 3.5mm or RCA etc) 2000/120/20/60/25/15/20/20/15/15/40