800L Mega Cooler Hire - Giant Esky


Our mega coolers are a ridiculously large esky that is about the size of a small car. They feature the latest technology sealed and insulated design that will hold ice for up to 3 weeks even in the sun. 

They are light enough to be lifted by two people un-filled and can be forklifted when full thanks to their pallet feet design.

Our mega coolers can be a great alternative to hiring a mobile coolroom if power is not available (or if we are booked out) and are great ice storage containers for big events. 

We also include a removable 4-way divider for no extra charge so you can separate your items and even load one section with ice and use the rest for cold storage (see pics).

• UV resistant
• Double thick insulation and can also be used for food warming with heat packs
• Food grade inner lining and ACT health approved
• Commercial grade seal and marine grade stainless steel latches
• Sturdy lock tab for lock-up applications
• Carry ledges around the box for easy carrying (2 people required)
• Structural lid, can be stacked on with other coolers or equipment
• Non-marking rubber skid feet
• Drain bung
• Pallet feet for strength and forklift-ability
• Dry-ice compatible
• Buoyancy device - due to the extremely high-quality insulation, these coolers can be used as a lifeboat in emergencies.

External 1050mm(d) x 1360mm(w) x 1020mm(h)
Internal 910mm(d) x 1170mm(w) x 780mm(h)
Weight 54kg

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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Mega cooler, drain plug, 4 way divider (if supplied), 600/25/250