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Badminton Set Hire - Lawn Game


Badminton is a popular, easy to pick-up game that is great to play and just as fun to watch.

The game is played by hitting the shuttlecock over the net. The objective is to make your opponent miss and make the shuttlecock hit the ground.

You can mark out a court or play without boundaries, either way is great fun. If you want to get really serious you can google match spec court sizes and competition rules.

We hire high-quality match quality Yonex sets that come with everything you need including 4 racquets, a height adjustable net (115-155cm x 3m wide), 4 shuttlecocks, and carry bags.

Equipment care & safety guide

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badminton net & poles, net carry bag, racquets x4, shuttlecocks x4, racquet & shuttlecocks carry bag, 190/30/20e/4e/20