Battery Chainsaw - Stihl 36v 14 Inch


Our Stihl battery chainsaws are the 'Pro Series' units that are extremely reliable, feature packed and really easy to use.

Say goodbye to mixing fuel and noise restrictions and hire a battery chainsaw today!

Included is 2x batteries, battery charger, 2x sharpened chains, bar & chain oil.

Specs and features:
• 36v battery power
• Easy open bar and chain oil filler (tool free)
• 3.3kg weight (with battery)
• 95db max noise
• Up to 35 min battery life per battery (non stop cutting)
• Soft handle grip
• Stihl quick chain tensioner
• Quick-stop kickback brake safety mechanism
• MSA / AP Stihl Professional Series
• Stihl rollomatic chain bar

Product manual

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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