Commercial Rice Cooker Hire - 20LT / 9LT


Our commercial rice cookers are huge and produce 20 litres (80 serves) of perfect fluffy rice in 35-40 minutes (white rice).

They automatically switch to warm mode and keep the rice at an optimal temperature until you're ready.

• Rice cooker
• Bottom non-stick mesh pad
• Server scoop
• Measurer
• Spatula

• 2.85kw (15 amp power outlet required)
• 9-litre rice start
• 415mm (h) x 480mm (w) x 560mm (d)
• 15.5kg weight (empty)
• Non-stick inner pot (do not use metal utensils)
• Lid includes condensation collector

Please note, you need a 15a power outlet for this unit.

Product manual

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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Rice cooker, Bottom non-stick mesh pad, Server scoop, Measurer, Spatula, 15A power required