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Adult Croquet Game Hire

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Croquet is a sport that involves hitting your colour ball through the metal wickets with a course layout on your backyard or court.

You start at the starting post and each player tries to get their colour ball completely through the metal hoop course. In achieving a successful shot you then receive an extra shot every-time you pass through a hoop. To win you need to be the first person to hit the finishing post. The more players you have the harder the game becomes.

Croquet is one of the oldest games still played this day dating back to the mid 1800’s. Originated from England & still very popular across the globe. Croquet was a one-off Olympic sport in 1900 & reached the South Pole in 2005 when American scientists became the first to play a game there.

This is a great game to entertain friends, family and guests at events, weddings, Christmas parties, local competitions, fundraisers or a family day out in the park.

Our sets are competition grade Halex® sets and include:
• 6x hardwood croquet mallets (83cm long with a 4.5cm mallet face)
• 6x balls (red, black, blue, yellow, orange and green)
• 2x posts (starting and ending)
• 9x croquet wickets
• 1x nylon storage Bag

Equipment care & safety guide

6 mallets, 6 balls, 2 posts, 9 wickets, set bag, 230