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Double Slushie Machine Hire + INCLUDED Cocktail Mixes / Frozen Slushy / Daiquiri / Slurpee

$220.00 price as configured

Add fun and taste to your event with a DOUBLE SLUSHIE MACHINE!

Your hire comes with 2x FREE 2L flavour syrup mixes (makes 20 litres/ avg 120 drinks). To choose your flavours and purchase additional mixes, please see the options area below.

Our machines are perfect for all ages because they make both alcoholic frozen cocktails & non-alcoholic frozen drinks. All mixes can be made both alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

We have a range of cups and spoon straws available in the options below, we also have cocktail glasses click here to view.

Size: 430mm (w), 560mm (d), 750mm (H). Weight 54kg, please ensure you have a strong table to place your machine(s) onto.

Features: 24L max tank capacity (2x12L), auger mixers to prevent ice blockage, 40L/hr freezing great for busy events, each tank is fully independent so they can be set to different temperatures and mixer settings for different beverages (can do one soft and one hard cocktail at the same time). Illuminated tank tops. Can also be used for chilled drinks like juices, non-frozen cocktails, iced teas and more.

Directions for mixing non-alcoholic slushies: Mix 1x 2L Syrup with 8L water and allow to freeze. This will give you 10L of slushies (actually about 12L volume with ice expansion).

Directions for mixing alcoholic slushies: Mix 1x 2L Syrup with 7L water and allow to freeze (see below machine usage). Then add 1L of the alcohol suggested on our website or other spirit if preferred. This will give you 10L of alcoholic slushies (of 3.7% alc vol drinks approx based on 37% alc vol spirit bottles). Replace more of the water with extra alcohol for stronger drinks or less alcohol with more water for weaker drinks. The finished volume of liquid should always be 10L. Please drink in moderation and obey all related laws. Click here for full instructions.

Our syrup mixes are 100% full strength Paradise Cocktails mixes. Don't settle for watered-down imitations!

Equipment care & safety guide

Slushie machine, 2x tanks, 2x lightbox lids, 2x drain trays, 2x rear seals, 2x augers, GPS, red freeze bag, check included syrups + cups + straws, 3300/150/130/25/40/25/90