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Flower walls are the latest trend in backdrops. They can be used for photos, weddings, presentations, partitions and anywhere you need a very attractive wall.

Our decorated flower walls are 2170mm (h) x 2335mm (w). They are custom built by us at McHugh Hire Fyshwick so we can get the high quality, strength and design our customers demand. 

They are available in pure white or pink/white colours. We also have undecorated walls, click here for more.

We have built them with a fairly small gap at the bottom (48mm) so they look fantastic in photos and give photographers a lot more to work with. 

• 50x50mm steel mesh 
• 8mm extra heavy duty flat steel feet
• 40x40mm RHS steel frame
• Flat black painted

Included free are 2x concrete weights to place behind the wall (on the feet) for extra stability.

Use at your own risk in high winds.

They are very large, delicate and heavy, please check your vehicle is adequate to move these if you are transporting them yourself.

If you have any photos of our flower walls you would like to share with us and the community, please send them through. We'd love to see them in action!

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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