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Portable Power Pack Hire - Battery Box & 240v Inverter Combo


If you need portable, silent and reliable 240v power one of our battery box and inverter combos might be just what you need.

They feature a fully sealed OPTIMA yellow top d27F truck battery connected to a 600w pure sine wave inverter to give you long lasting clean power where you need it. Our inverters feature 2x 240v outlets and a USB outlet.

Our battery boxes usually last for around 12hrs at maximum output and much longer with low draw devices. You can also use the inverter directly from your vehicle's power outlet without the battery box if needed (please ask us for additional cables for this).

We supply the pack fully charged and all batteries are float maintained right up to when you collect them to ensure long life.

Equipment care & safety guide

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Battery pack, inverter, inverter lead with Anderson plugs, inverter tool box, battery charger & bag (if hired) 350/180/25/25