Jet Space Heater Hire - Gas Workshop Heater


Our gas space heaters are great for heating warehouses, buildings and large marquees. They feature a huge 20kw output and a noise reduction design.

Features: flame / overheat sensor cutoff, 1.42kg gas/hr 500 cubic meters of air per hour output, 70MJ/hr output, ip44 rated, 240v electric fan, 57x30x50cm size 8.5kg weight.

Notes: the area heated must be minimum 360 cubic meters and must be ventilated. Cubic meters = length x width x height.

45kg LPG bottle required: you will need a 45kg bottle to opperate these, you can use your own (house bottle) or they can be hired in the options area below. 9kg BBQ bottles will not work with these as they draw gas too fast and will only stay lit for a few minutes before they freeze.

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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Gas area heater, gas hose, check for included gas bottle(s) 390