Low Lying Dry Ice Smoke Machine Hire - Includes Fog liquid


Perfect for special effects or spooky themed parties! Our low lying smoke machines are extra large, produce enough low lying fog to floor cover a large room in 40-60 seconds and feature a wireless remote.

They work the same way as a regular smoke machine but before the fog exits the machine it is passed through a dry ice-filled chamber that super-chills the fog and confines it to a low height.

INCLUDED FREE! our hire also includes 2 litres of free fog liquid (over 4 hours continuous). Additional liquid can be purchased in the options section below.

Features: high output 400 cubic metres per minute, 1x wireless remote. Warning, turn off when not in use, do not let the machine run out of smoke liquid when running.

Dry ice is not included in the rental price, you can bring an esky with you and collect it from BOC Gasses who are over the road from us. Our machines hold 2.5kg of dry ice and will last up to 2 hours continuous or up to 10 hours intermittent, dependant on temperature. We recommend purchasing 3-4kg.

Machine dimensions are 760x410x390mm and weigh 16kg empty.

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Low fog machine, remote, remote receiver, power lead, box, 450/8/5