600mm Spit Roaster Hire - Spit + Charcoal + Fittings + Motor


McHugh Hire has the most experience and best equipment in the region to ensure you have all the gear you need to have a perfect roast. We have been hiring spit roasts for over a decade and our wealth of knowledge benefits all of our customers.

600mm spits will turn up to 10kg of balanced meat, example:
• 3x 3kg rolls or 
• 2x 4kg rolls or 
• 4x chickens etc. 

They will also cook up to 3kg foiled veggies at the same time on the rack underneath. For more info please feel free to call us on 6162 1662. We also have 1000mm and 12000mm spits available for hire, please see the catering equipment category for these.

Hire includes:
• 630mm mini coal spit roaster hire (around 5-20 people)
• Coal spit fuel pack - includes 12kg charcoal + firelighters (9-11 hour burn time), lump charcoal option also available.
• Rotisserie & 10kg (balanced) rated 240v motor
• Veggie grill
• Equipment required to attach meat to skewer bar
• Instructions, click here to view

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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600mm spit, 1x grill, motor, skewer bar, parts on list, added optional items, 12kg charcoal & firelighters, missing items pricelist on instructions.