Panther Mini Moving Head Light Hire


These unique lights can give a truly professional look to your next event. These fantastic lights have a 540° x-axis and 225° y-axis. This new technology is extremely effective and offers great value. They can be used as roof lights, stage lights, entrance lights to parties or nightclubs and endless other applications, so think creatively. Please see the video below to see their capability.

Panther 15 LED lights have a fairly focused small (but powerful) beam, so they are suited to larger rooms with high ceilings and/or in conjunction with a smoke machine.

They feature an audio mode that detects music and moves with the music (easy), an auto mode that runs through all motion sequences (easy) and can be hooked up to DMX pro desks for hard-core lighting enthusiasts.

These lights are perfect for everyone because it can be plugged in and used straight away with no more hassle but can also be integrated into a larger professional lighting show if required.

Specs: RGBW full spectrum colour, 24w low power consumption, 130x130x200mm compact size, 2.2kg weight.

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Panther 15 light, IEC power lead, remote control, hanging bracket and allen bolts, box & packing, 200/13/55/25/5