Disco Laser Hire - 4 Gun Blue, Red, Green & Yellow


Our 4-gun quad lasers will have your friends cutting shapes on the dance floor almost instantly. Our blue, red, yellow and green quad gun lasers are high powered 760mw professional units.

They feature an audio mode that detects music and moves with the music (easy), an auto mode that runs through all motion sequences (easy) and can be hooked up to DMX pro desks for hard-core lighting enthusiasts.

These lights are perfect for everyone because they can be plugged in and used straight away with no more hassle but can also be integrated into a larger professional lighting show if required.

For the full effect, we recommend using these in conjunction with our smoke machine hire.

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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4 gun laser, power lead, box, must be transported right way up, check if linking cables used 290/8/5