Colour Light Bar Hire - Pixel Rail


Coloured light bars have been a staple for DJ's and discos since the 60's. They look good in any application, they can be pointed onto a dance floor, used to colour wash walls/roofs/floors/objects, light up a dark area or to draw attention to the DJ.

RGBW LED light bars are the very latest in party and wash lighting. Because of their LED technology they can create any colour and also produce a high powered pure white light. Another advantage of high power LED lighting is they produce superior light but only draw about a tenth of the power. This power reduction also reduces heat output so they can be run non-stop safely.

Features: an audio mode that detects music and changes with the music (easy), can be colour programmed using the display on the lights to your preference (easy) and can be hooked up to DMX (2/3/4 or 8 channel) pro desks for hard-core lighting enthusiasts. Powerful 72w max output. 1090mm x 65mm x 105mm size. 3.15kg weight.

Also included in the box is a hanging/mounting kit for attaching to frames and stands etc.

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Led light bar, box, power lead, mounting kit (2x brackets + 2x thumb screws) 280/5/8/35