Fake Grass Turf Lawn Hire - 12mm pile synthetic turf


Great for transforming your venue into a vibrant party zone, your guests will be raving about how cool the high-quality synthetic turf at your event was for years.

Our artificial grass lengths are 1.8 metres wide, weigh a hefty 4kg per metre, have a 12mm pile length and hired by the metre. They are hard-wearing and have a non-directional flatten-proof fibre and feels soft underfoot. They are also UV stable and are suited for indoor and outdoor use.

Our lawns have proven to be popular for Melbourne Cup and race day parties, garden parties, kitchen teas and heaps more weird and wonderful events.

Please note: laying sections of turf next to each other does not create a perfect join. Each section looks best on its own or joined lengthways with something weighty on the joins/edges to stop it from moving.
Synthetic turf is designed to be permanently laid and anchored. So, unfortunately, laying sections temporarily will not look as good as permanently laid turf, but it's still pretty good. Our artificial turf lengths are ideal for displays and low traffic areas only.

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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