PAR Can Light Hire - RGBW Stage & Wash Lighting


Our PAR Can lights are the most recommended light by our staff for wash lighting, mood lighting and feature lighting. They can be any colour you like and can be hung or sit on the ground.

They are traditionally used to light stages but they are also commonly used to light up trees, walls and areas that deserve to be shown off in a discrete way. We highly recommend them to create lots of ambience at a great price.

LED PAR cans are the very latest in stage and party lighting. Because of their LED technology they can create any colour and also produce a high powered pure white light. Another advantage of high power LED lighting is they produce superior light but only draw about a tenth of the power. This power reduction also reduces heat output so they can be run non-stop safely.

Features: an audio mode that detects music and changes with the music (easy), auto change modes that change colours in different styles and speeds (easy), can be programmed to make any solid wash colour you choose (easy) and can be hooked up to DMX (8 channel) pro desks for hard-core lighting enthusiasts. Super high powered 54x3w LED. These professional lights can be used individually or can be linked together and will function simultaneously (see options below).

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