60w LED Gobo Projector Hire - Custom Projected Graphics / Logo / Image


The #1 wow factor for any event. Our LED gobo projectors offer a super-bright white beam projection of your own logo or image, we also have colour filters available if you would like your projection to be coloured. The projection can be set up for projection on ceilings, walls, floors or any flat surface.

Our LED projectors are 60w American DJ Ikon units and have a high output and low energy consumption with an unlimited duty cycle which is a bonus for longer events. Don't settle for dim cheap projectors, our units are the sharpest, brightest and best quality you can get!

There are three types of gobo discs that you can have produced:
1.) Glass - this is the sharpest and usually most expensive.
2.) Metal - very good, slightly less focus than glass but still very good.
3.) Transparency film - laser printed onto overhead projector film. This works but is fairly grainy when projected and some light shines through the blacked out area.

We can produce a transparency gobo disc for free (if you don't already have a 54mm disc made) or you can get them professionally made at lighting places such as

If you would like us to create a free transparency film disc, please complete the form below and attach your artwork file. Please send your artwork through as early as possible so we have time to produce and test your slide before use.

• Bright white 60W LED indoor gobo projector
• High quality optics - clear powerful output
• Adjustable dimmer and rotate on rear of unit
• Gobo size: 54mm (disc diameter); viewable size: 33mm
• 7 colour gel slides available on request (red, purple, pink, orange, green, blue & yellow)
• Run all night - no duty cycle
• Easy gobo replacement access for multi design events
• Easy manual focus
• Ideal for mobile DJs, weddings, clubs, bars, retail stores and promotional events
• Great for projection lighting where fog can't be used
• Very low heat output
• Beam angle 25, 32 or 43 for adjusting the size of the image (lenses included)
• IEC daisy chain link up tp 7 units together @ 240v
• 7500k colour temperature (without colour gels)
• Includes hanging bracket and safety hook for wall or ceiling mounting
• Includes RF wireless remote controller
• Power consumption: 83.6W max
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 236x227x215mm
• Weight: 3.6 kg.

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

Compatible file extensions to upload: png, jpg, jpeg, eps, gif, tiff, bmp

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Gobo projector, colour gel(s) if requested, box, power lead, hanging bracket, remote, 2x 12v 23a batteries (dead ones to be returned), slide retainer circlip, 3x Lenses 25° + 32° + 43°, batteries to be removed for transport, CHECK SLIDE RETAINER RING CIRCLIP IN UNIT!!!! 650/2ea/5/15/55/80/4/25/50e