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Table Tennis Hire - Ping Pong Table, Balls, Bats, Net


Table tennis is a favourite party amusement that everyone loves!

We hire only the best Donic Schildkröt brand heavy duty competition tables (81kg), so they are perfect for events from staff parties to big tournaments.

Our quality equipment includes the table, net, 4x bats and a bucket of balls.

These can only be transported in vehicles/trailers with flat side walls to brace the whole unit, you must also bring lots of blankets or packing to support the space between the walls and table created by the feet. These cannot be laid down for transport. Box trailers without walls cannot move these. You will need a pantech truck with lots of blankets, straps and anchor points or a trailer with tall sides, lots of blankets, straps and anchor points. If you cannot move these yourself, please arrange transport with us.

Equipment care & safety guide

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2x 1/2 tables, net & holders, balls & bucket, 4x paddles, 800/40/15/10ea