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Popcorn Cart Hire (machine + FREE ingredients & bags)

$230.00 price as configured

Our large, old-fashioned popcorn carts are always a hit at any party!

The machines feature a real 8oz (big) fresh popping kettle, lighting and the bottom holding area is also heated.

They are very popular for
• Weddings
• Movie events
• Period-themed parties
• Kids parties
• Fundraisers
• Promotional events

Includes: Enough ingredients for 200 bags (corn/buttersalt/oil), scoop and measuring cup, 200 popcorn corn bags, a storage compartment for topping up from.

Please note, the included 200 serves is usually plenty for most parties, if you need more serves please see the options area below.

We have two styles available (see photos), each produces the same quantity from their 8oz poppers and operate the same however there are subtle differences. You can select your style in the options area below.

Style #1
• Overall size - 1515mm high (5ft), 650mm wide (inc. handles), 430mm deep (inc. wheels)
• Popper box internal size - 430mm high, 375mm wide 300mm deep
• Slimmer side handles to fit into smaller spaces
• Classic popcorn graphics in gold with matching gold handles and gold wheels
• Rear shelf with door
• Automatic popper lid safety and speed

Style #2 
• Overall size - 1545mm high (5ft), 940mm wide (inc.handles), 470mm deep (inc. wheels).
• Popper box internal size - 520mm high, 480mm wide, 350mm deep
• Wider handles that bags can be sat on
• Cartoon clown black/yellow/red graphics
• Manual popper lid (magnetises to the roof)

Feel free to pop in on our open day and check out our high-quality carts for yourself!

Please use only commercial popcorn machine ingredients and correct quantities (see instructions) to avoid injury and machine damage.

Equipment care & safety guide

Popcorn cart, 2x measuring cups, 1x 12oz serving scoop, 1x teaspoon, buttersalt & container, oil, corn, spare fuse on lead, 470/5/20/4/7, // Packing note: 200= popcorn 4kg corn + 2L oil + 20 tsp b-salt + 200 paper bags, check mixer parts & cover returned