2+1 PA Speakers Hire Pack - Peavey


$441.80 special price $299

These are extremely high-quality systems that are perfect for all events large and small because they produce clear and rich sounds at all volumes.

Because of the high-quality components they can be used for all applications from DJ sets, bands, performances and weddings to movies and vocal work. These systems have everything you'll need, are easy to use and we can set them up for you if required.

Hire pack includes:
• Peavey Triflex II 1000watt system with subwoofer, amplifiers and 2x speakers on stands
• A FREE AKG pro dual wireless microphone system hire
• A FREE Behringer XENYX 802 audio mixer hire
• A FREE 6 outlet power board
• All the equipment and cables needed to connect your audio devices such as laptops, iPod, media player, tv etc. 

Please let us know what your connection requirements are when booking. To see the mic or mixer specs please see their individual hire pages.

This package deal does not include 240v extension power leads, if you require them, they can be ordered here.

Speaker, sub and amp info:
The Peavey Triflex™ II is a 1000 Watt three piece, two-channel sound system, already tweaked and ready to go for sound reinforcement, DJ gigs, and various music playback duties. Consisting of a shared Subwoofer cabinet and a pair of Satellite speakers, the system has been pre-engineered for a balanced sound and a crisp, punchy presentation. The three-way effective performance that the system is capable of provides a clear sound at high output levels, with plenty of punchy bass.

- 1000W Active Two-Channel Three-piece Speaker System
- One shared Subwoofer cabinet which houses the inputs and power amps
- Two two-way Satellite speakers with speaker pole stand adaptors
- Subwoofer has 15" woofer, with 500W peak available power
- Satellite / monitor speakers have 10" woofers, RX 14 1.4" compression driver tweeters & also feature angled sides for monitor use
- 250W peak available power to each Satellite speaker
- Peavey's exclusive DDT™ compression on the Satellite power amps
- System comes with two 15 foot speaker cables
- Protective slipcover with cable storage pockets and built-in Velcro retaining straps
- Heavy-duty locking casters on Subwoofer cabinet for transport of system
- Satellite speakers nest on top of the Subwoofer, help ease transport
- Four-pin twist-lock connectors on amplifier outputs and Satellite inputs
- Speaker stands x2
- Weight Unpacked: 159.83 lb(72.5 kg)
- Weight Packed: 199.52 lb(90.5 kg)
- Width Packed: 30.5"(77.47 cm)
- Height Packed: 53"(134.62 cm)
- Depth Packed: 24.5"(62.23 cm)

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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Peavey system, sub, monitor speakers, peavey bag, stands, speakon speaker leads, 6 outlet power board, 3.5mm to rca lead (note qty), rca to 6mm plugs (note qty), 2x wireless mics, wireless mic receiver, wireless mic power supply, wireless mic box, 4x aa batteries (dead ones to be returned), 4x guitar 6mm leads, mixer board, mixer box, mixer power supply, 3500/180/40/10/10/5/380/4/20/180