Pro Marquee Hire - Clear Span


Our Pro-Series of clear-span marquees are semi-permanent quality and can handle harsh weather.

They are hired in 8x3 meter clear-span (no poles inside) sections and each added section will add 3 meters depth.
Please enter how many 8x3m sections you require in the quantity box at the bottom.

Common sizes are:
• 8x3 meters
• 8x6 meters
• 8x9 meters
• 8x12 meters
• 8x15 meters
• 8x18 meters

We have wall options available, please see the options area below. For flooring, please see our Ultradeck page or ask our staff.

All walls, windows and entrance sections are made from heavy-duty PVC. All walls are available in solid (no windows) or window sections.

Size and specs:
Ridge height - 4.2m
Eave height - 2.6m
Roof pitch - 20°
Windspeed rating - 80km/h

These marquees must be delivered and constructed by our experienced staff.

Safe transport & safety equipment guide

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