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Projector Hire - LCD Full HD Data/Video

$175.00 price as configured

Our hire projectors are pro-spec models and we have the best prices in Canberra, so you can have the best-looking presentation every time!

Our projectors are designed to work with anything from cinema screens to small screens or walls. They are very versatile.

Super bright and sharp video BENQ WXGA 1080p 3D media projector. 4000 Lumens / 13000:1 Contrast. 

Premium high contrast ratio and brightness projectors allow you to display high-quality video even with some ambient light present.

Video inputs: HDMI x2, VGA x3, D-Sub, Composite AV, S-Video, Lan Port, USB x4, built-in media player. They also feature matching outputs and a full array of audio options.

Also available: we also have 100 inch and 155 inch (cinema sized) HD projector screens available for hire.

Our projectors are top-end models and have many more features we have not listed here, if you require more info or have specialised requirements, please call us on 02 6162 1662 and we'll give you the full list of bells and whistles.

Included is the projector, carry bag, remote control with laser pointer, spare batteries and your choice of input and output cables (see options below).

Equipment care & safety guide

Projector, bag, remote, 4x AAA batteries (dead ones to be returned), check batteries removed during transport, check other included cable options selected (list what is used!!!!!), NOTE: pack AV toolbox for delivery 2350/120/110/4/cables cost