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Shure Wireless Headset Microphone System Hire

$65.00 price as configured

SVX wireless systems deliver the quality of Shure wireless performance for virtually any application. From vocal performance to fitness instruction, presentations to karaoke, SVX wireless will provide beautiful sound. No other wireless system combines the same level of quality and ease of setup in a single package.

The PGA31 performance headset microphone for general, speaking and performance use is a permanently-biased electret condenser microphone engineered to provide maximum versatility and reliable performance in a wide array of conditions. The wearable design offers improved comfort and a secure fit for hands-free operation in any situation, while the unidirectional (cardioid) pickup pattern provides excellent off-axis rejection for higher gain-before-feedback when using stage monitors.

• Great audio response
• Includes receiver, body-pack, and headset condenser microphone
• Up to 10 hours battery life (included)
• Trusted world wide by industry professionals
• Great for speeches, vocalists, performers, and presenters
• Up to 75m operating Range (line of sight)

Equipment care & safety guide

1x wireless microphone headset, wireless receiver, power supply, box, 4x spare AA batteries (dead batteries to be marked and returned), 1x bodypack transmitter, 1x 6mm guitar lead, 2x foam wind cover filters, 1x channel frequency key, 1x headset wire fastening clip, 200/250/20/5/4/180/25/8/10