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We now retail slushie machine 2L flavour syrup mixes (each makes 10 litres/ avg 60 drinks). To choose your flavour mixes and quantity please see the options section below.

We are proud to be the ACT Region's distributor of high quality Paradise Cocktail Syrups slushie mixes and have a massive range of flavours to choose from.

Directions for mixing non alcoholic slushies: Mix 1x 2L Syrup with 8L water and allow to freeze. This will give you 10L of slushies (actually about 12L with ice expansion).

Directions for mixing alcoholic slushies: Mix 1x 2L Syrup with 7L water and allow to freeze, then add 1L of the alcohol suggested above. This will give you 10L (actually about 12L with ice expansion) of alcoholic slushies (of 5% alc vol drinks approx. based on 37% alc vol spirit bottles). Replace more of the water with extra alcohol for stronger drinks. Please drink in moderation and obey all related laws. Click here for full instructions.

We also have large range of slushie machines available for hire click here to view.

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