Smoke Machine Hire - 1500 watt (medium to large parties) Includes liquid / Fog Machine


Perfect for dance parties or spooky themed parties! Our smoke machines are extra large, produce enough smoke to fill a large room in 3-4 seconds and feature wireless remotes.

INCLUDED FREE! our hire also includes 2 litres of free fog liquid (over 4 hours continuous). Additional liquid can be purchased in the options section below.

Features: high output 566 cubic metres per minute, 1x wireless remote, DMX board control option (for pro installations). Warning, turn off when not in use, do not let the machine run out of smoke liquid when running.

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Smoke machine, corded remote, cordless remote, cordless remote receiver, power cord, liquid container & funnel, box, spare 23A 12V battery (dead to be returned), check for liquid left in machine, 180/8/10/5/5