Special Transport Timing


This service is for time-critical transporting of equipment that needs to be specially delivered and/or retrieved at specific times.

Special transport is also great for surprise parties! 

Please note there are three rates depending on time(s) required:

Rate 1 transport times:
8am to 4.59pm Monday to Friday
5am to 12.59pm Saturdays

Rate 2 transport times:
5am - 7.59am Monday to Friday
5pm to 10.59pm Monday to Friday
1pm to 10.59pm Saturday

Rate 3 transport times:
11pm to 4.59am Monday to Saturday
11pm Saturday to 4.59am Monday
Public holidays

Please select your transport rate(s) and time(s) required below.

For information on our regular scheduled routes please click here.

Delivery date and time
Pickup date and time
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